“Thank you, Shelette, we were blessed by your presentation!”

Dr. Larry Taylor
Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
June 2022

“Shelette, you were fantastic! We all go so much out of your course and I’m positive that the women (myself included) will implement so much of what you taught.”

Mr. Christopher Djordje
Executive Director
National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute (NAAWLI)
June 2022

“Shelette, your preparation of a tailored message for our staff is much appreciated. You did a stellar job in ministering to our staff.”

Mr. Curtis Hail
President and CEO
Hope for the Heart Ministry
June 2022

“Thank you so very much. Our time was inspiring, challenging, and productive. Thanks so much for your leadership and leading us to improve and have a greater impact for His kingdom.”

John and Trudy Cathy White
Lifeshape Inc. and Impact 360 Institute
May 2022

“I thought the small group discussion and reporting out were very therapeutic towards debriefing the year and helping us prime the pump for the future. I appreciated the scriptural foundation that supported the practical techniques to overcome obstacles in our work. I especially liked the deep water question and the concept of reverse mentoring. Generally positive feedback from the staff who shared their impressions with me.”

Dr. Robert W. Pool
Vice President for Student Affairs
Ashland University
May 2022

“Shelette, thanks so much for your outstanding work in facilitating our strategic planning session. Your insights and recommendations were helpful to our Faculty as they develop their individual plans.”

Dr. Tim Gramling
Dean, Jabs School of Business
California Baptist University
May 2022

“Dr. Stewart, I wanted to thank you for such an excellent job and being so generous to come and speak with us. Your content and presentation was wonderful and the manner that you carried yourself . . .full of the Lord’s character, was exemplary.”

Mr. Stephan Tchividjian
Co-founder and President
National Christian Foundation of South Florida
April 2022

“Shelette, the strategic planning sessions that you led and facilitated for HERS, especially for the Leadership Team and staff, helped us to gain clarity on the direction for the organization’s future. Thank you for being a thought partner in the establishment of our strategic priorities, goals and objectives, and in helping us devise a plan to get input from the Board.”

Gloria D. Thomas, PhD
HERS (Higher Education Resource Services)
March 2022

“Your presentation at this week’s conference, Shelette, was a blessing for all of us who were there. Thank you for providing a most applicable word for those on our campuses.”

Dr. David Dockery
International Alliance for Christian Education (IACE)
February 2022

“On behalf of the entire HERS Team, thank you for an incredibly energizing, professional, and insightful webinar today.”

Dr. Lindsey Templeton
Senior Program Manager
HERS (Higher Education Resource Services)
September 2021

“Thanks Shelette. The presentation was very good content and well received.”

Colleen F. Reaney
Loyola University Chicago – Business Leadership Hub
August 2021

“Your presentation was exceptional and well received. We got great feedback and you exceeded expectations. We will have you back next year. Thank you again.”

Patrice Tsague
Chief Servant Officer
Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc.
August 2021

“Shelette Stewart is one of those rare speakers who can check every box for any audience. Her attention to detail, from preparation to delivery, is thorough and on target. Our guests engaged with her from the outset!”

Dan Wood
NCCAA Executive Director
June 2021

“Thank you, Shelette, for capturing the capabilities of my business in a one-page document. It has been a pleasure working with you!”

Carmen Garcia
Dallas, TX
May 2021

“Honored to have you speak for our group this week, Shelette!”

Brett Schrock
Forum Chair
Orange County, CA
March 2021

“Your sessions were well received. I think the class section went exceptionally well. We all enjoyed/learned from your responses. I forwarded a recommendation that you would be a good guest speaker for one of our future faculty development days. I hope our paths cross again.”

Dr. Todd Friends
Whitworth University
Spokane, WA
February 2021

“It was our honor to have you as our 2020 Commencement Speaker and we all benefited from your wonderful message!”

Dr. Gene Crume
Judson University
Elgin, IL
September 2020

“An excellent presentation and talk by Dr. Shelette Stewart today through the Institute for Global Engagement here at DBU. Dr. Stewart talked about her ideas from her book, Revelations in Business. Exceptional.”

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Dean, College of Business
Dallas Baptist University
Dallas, TX
September 2020

“Thank you for an excellent presentation! I have about 20 emails in my inbox complimenting you on your delivery, poise and content! I look forward to working together more in the future.”

Dr. Lee Bratcher
Professor, College of Business
Dallas Baptist University
Dallas, TX
September 2020

“We had a great speaker –Dr. Shelette Stewart–giving us bold Godly advice on proclaiming Christ throughout our businesses. —We gave her very high NPS marks as a speaker—for content and presentation value. And that was using Zoom.–I have already had several requests to have her back with our teams –Live and In Person.”

Dr. Ron Hoover
Forum Chair
Lancaster, PA
September 2020

“Dear Dr. Shelette, thank you for joining us for the Women Economic Forum (WEF) Bangalore, India. It was a historic opportunity and moment for all of us. We would love to have you with us again.”

Dr. Harbeen Arora
Founder and Global Chairperson
Women Economic Forum (WEF)
Bangalore, India
July 2020

“You remain the rose among thorns. Way to go! I was really pleased with your contribution at our Success Through Culture Program.”

Greg Leith
Chief Executive Officer
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
July 2020

“Shelette, thank you for an excellent lecture! I got a lot out of it! I am inspired by your message, and you are wonderful speaker. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with my class!”

Kristin Finn
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Chicago, IL
July 2020

“Shelette, we really enjoyed your talk. And, the positive response was infectious. Everyone was raving about it – – the message, your inviting face and smile, and challenge to be bold, and everything else. Thanks so much!”

Jeff Abbott
Forum Chair -Southern California
Orange County, CA
July 2020

“Shelette, your talk was truly cultured and DIVINE. Thanks for participating so well in this conference and we sure look forward to having you participate at our Convene Forum next month.”

Rick McCarthy
Forum Chair – Southern California
Irvine, CA
July 2020

“Shelette, your segment will be so helpful to our audience as you shared your wisdom, great ideas and faith – all in one swoop!”

Valerie Sokolosky
Valerie & Company
Dallas, TX
May 2020

“Shelette, thank you for serving as a consultant for Alliance and taking us through your Revelations in Business biblically-based strategic planning process and helping us develop a solid plan for Alliance! Your expertise and spiritual discernment is priceless to ministries and the Kingdom of God.”

Sherry Willis
President and CEO
Alliance for Greater Works
Dallas, TX
August 2019

“Shelette, you are a very passionate, intelligent and graceful Daughter of the KING.  Our Convene Team has had many excellent presenters over the years, and I believe you are The Crown Jewel!  GOD’S Holy Spirit in you blew us away.  Thank you, Shelette, for being obedient to the FATHER’s Calling in your life and being Salt and Light for HIS KINGDOM!  I’m excited with you for the plans our LORD has for you future!  JESUS Loves You, Shelette, and so does the Tulsa Convene Team!”

Scott McQuade
Tulsa, OK
October 2018


“Shelette: Thank you. We are all so very grateful for your wonderful contributions to our Convene team, students, and staff of Lancaster Bible College. Thank you for making a difference. We are all better because you have shared and invested in us.”

Bud Handwerk
Convene Chair
Lancaster, PA
October 2018

“Your powerful presentation on Recognizing the Signs of a Changing Vision and New Season blessed us at our Master Plan for Women Annual Conference! You informed and inspired us and positioned us to achieve our conference theme and goal – -to SOAR!”

Nadya Dickson
National & International Director
The Master Plan for Women
September 2018

“Thank you so much, Shelette, for making the time and for doing all the preparation to make a great break out session. May God bless you an extra measure because of your generosity towards us.”

Shirley V. Hoogstra
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)
2018 International Forum
February 2018

“Thank you, Shelette.  Another successful day.  Hearing good reviews.  Great job!”

Morgan Galaznik
Global Product Manager
2017 ITW Leadership Conference
November 2017



“You were a blessing on many fronts. Your delivery was stellar, your presence was professional, your stories were fun, your smile was infectious and your time with us was a home run. THANK YOU SHELETTE!!”

Greg Leith
2017 National CEO Summit
May 2017


“You were such an amazing keynote speaker, Dr. Stewart, one of the best in my memory of ABACC conference history. In behalf of ABACC, and Ohio Christian University, thank you for sharing with us!”

Robert D. Hartman
Ohio Christian University
2017 Association of Business Administrators at Christian Colleges (ABACC) National Conference
February 2017


“Thank you SO MUCH! I heard absolutely wonderful things about you and your sessions. You were a BIG HIT with our folks! And besides that, you were an absolute joy to work with. I hope we’ll run across each other again in the future!”


Bruce Hoeker
Executive Director
2017 Association of Business Administrators at Christian Colleges (ABACC) National Conference
February 2017


“I received numerous positive comments with regard to your presentation. Your experience, presentation and Christ-like spirit were very relevant for our group.”

Dr. Dee Mooney
Vice President|Chief Financial Officer
ABACC Board Member
Cornerstone University
2017 Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC) – National Conference
February 2017


“You were phenomenal! Thank you so much for visiting our Harvard Business School (HBS) Christian Fellowship tonight. We really appreciated your talk on using our personal brand for the Kingdom, as it’s especially relevant for both searching for a job and entering a new job. Very timely for the stage of life we’re in.”

Verdell Walker, Co-president
Jonathan Lo, Co-president
Harvard Business School
Christian Fellowship
January 2017


“Shelette, I want to thank you for your presence at our 2017 North American Division of Seventh Day Adventist National Convention. You were truly a blessing to our attendees! We have received nothing but great feedback! May God continue to bless you and I look forward to calling on and recommending you for future inspiration!”

Chariolett M. Johnson, CMP
Meeting Planner
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist
January 2017


“Shelette, thank you for serving as the keynote speaker for our Washington Metro Area Women’s Ministries Conference. As another one of His Chosen Vessels, you empowered us to walk in purpose and reminded us that He’s still the same God.”

Denise C. Crarey
Washington Metro Area Women’s Ministries
November 2016


“Shelette, thank you for serving as the keynote speaker for our 2016 International Women’s Economic Summit, our PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) capstone event for area business women and our Leadership Development entrepreneurs from Rwanda and Afghanistan. Your outstanding presentation on Connecting Your Profession with Your Purpose resonated with our participants and offered practical insights that they may begin applying immediately in their respective home countries.

Dr. Terry Neese
CEO and Founder
Institute for the Economic Empowerment of Women – PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS
July 2016

“Shelette, what a wonderful blessing to have you speak at our 76th annual national UMA Conference! I hope I have an opportunity to work with you again.”

Michelle Henderson
Program Coordinator
United Methodist Association (UMA)
April 2016

“SO GOOD!!! Thank you so much. The presentation was just excellent. You have a wonderful, casual, personal way of presenting your material. It felt like having a conversation with a friend.”

Bruce Hoeker
Executive Director
Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC)
April 2016

“Shelette, it was such a pleasure to have you speak at our annual conference. Thank you for starting our day off right!”

Monica M. Borgatti
President and Conference Chair
Women in Philanthropy of Western Massachusetts
March 2016

“Thank you, Shelette , for your expertise in business development as well as insight in leading us to a higher level in facilitating our strategic business planning session.”

Catherine Liu
Chair – Board of Directors
New Hope of China
March 2016

“Dr. Shelette Stewart of Stewart Consulting LLC is professional, patient and thorough in her work. She is unmatched in her knowledge of business and operational planning, marketing, and branding businesses or ministries. Shelette was able to quickly grasp and synthesize our strategic direction into a comprehensive strategic plan to grow our mission. Alliance for Greater Works™ would not have been able to attract new investors in the timeframe we did without Shelette. She also had great insight on how to achieve our mission and goals. Alliance for Greater Works is truly blessed to know and work with Shelette. I will be calling Shelette in the near future to work with Alliance for Greater Works and our clients. I highly recommend Shelette to any nonprofit or ministry to assist with business planning, marketing, and branding their mission.”

Sherrye Willis
Alliance for Greater Works
February 2016

“Thank you for your willingness to speak at the Sent 2016 Conference and for serving us in this way. The students benefited from getting to know you and from your wisdom.”

Cheryl Boyd
Executive Director
Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
February 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the breakout session as well as the general session you presented. Your faith emanated through the very profound content that you shared with us. What you are saying is powerful and much needed. I wish the breakout was longer as I needed/need the information, inspiration and the empowerment that you shared. It was transformational!!”

Paula Johnson
Religious Conference Management Association
National Emerge Conference
January 2016

“It was fantastic to learn and hear from you. So appreciate how you weave Biblical truth and principles into strategic thought provoking content with great business savvy. Cannot wait for us to do another program in the future.”

Ryan McDuff
Chief of Staff
December 2015

“We really appreciated your speaking. It added so much value to our work! The Asian culture does not have servant leadership and leading with other’s benefit in mind, especially after 60 years of Communist philosophy of ruling. We need more speakers like you!”

Catherine Liu
New Hope of China
November 2015

“Dear Dr. Stewart: Wow! Did you ever make an impression on our group! Rave reviews and anecdotal approvals. Thank you very much. You are already on the schedule for next year!

Barry Griffith
Vice President – Business Services
Transnational Association of Christian Colleges & Schools (TRACS)
October 2015

“Dr. Stewart: Thank you for making TRACS Annual Conference a true success.”

Christie Crosswhite
Conference & Evaluation Team Coordinator
Transnational Association of Christian Colleges & Schools (TRACS)
2015 TRACS Annual Conference
October 2015

“Thanks, Shelette. Both of your sessions were very informative, helpful, and well presented.”

Dr. Bobbi Stringer
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
The King’s University
Transnational Association of Christian Colleges & Schools (TRACS)
2015 TRACS Annual Conference
October 2015

“I felt the session was a great success. I heard several people who made very positive comments about the lunch and learn. Thanks again for your time.”

Bradley Olmstead
President – SMU Cox Christian Business Society
Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Cox School of Business
October 2015

“It was a pleasure hosting you here on campus. I have already heard a lot of positive feedback from the students on your talk.”

Michael White
President – Harvard Christian MBA Fellowship
Harvard University
Harvard Business School
September 2015

“Dear Shelette: The students are still raving about their time with you. It was delightful to spend time with you and I look forward to future conversations. Thank you for inspiring our students!”

Dr. Marsha Kelliher
Sigmund Weis School of Business
Susquehanna University
September 2015

“You were a big hit at Susquehanna!”

Dr. Paul Dion
Associate Professor – Management
Sigmund Weis School of Business
Susquehanna University
September 2015

“Dear Dr. Stewart: I will remember your 3 “P”s. Thanks for your visiting!”

Dr. Rick (Zui Chih) Lee
Assistant Professor – Marketing
Sigmund Weis School of Business
Susquehanna University
September 2015

“Thanks so much Shelette! I truly appreciate you! You are truly a beautiful person inside and out!

Monica McCoy
Conference Chair
The Coca-Cola Company | 2015 Women’s LINC Conference
August 2015

“Thank you for the excellent work in developing the 5-Year Strategic Business Plan for Marla White & Partners.  I am truly grateful for the seeds you are sowing into the business God is giving me.  Your enthusiasm about your work is a blessing!”

Marla L. White
President and Founder
Marla White & Partners
August 2015

“The session yesterday was nothing short of incredible.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge, your professional journey, and most importantly, your spiritual journey with us.  You are authentically amazing. “

Melissa Emerson
Southwest Airlines
June 2015

“Dear Shelette: Thank you for another successful year with the Fellowship! The Tunisian women gained the important foundational skills necessary to become more effective leaders. I appreciate your time, attention and support of the partnership between the Women’s Initiative and SMU. Thanks Again!”

Charity Wallace
Vice President
Senior Advisor to Mrs. Laura Bush
The George W. Bush Institute
Women’s Initiative Fellowship Program
March 2015

“The work you did (on our 5-year strategic plan) was just what we needed. It caused us to get into the bigger conversations that need to happen, so I am very thankful for your efforts.”

Dr. Mark Brown
Executive Vice President
Movement Day Greater Dallas
The New York City Leadership Center
June 2015

“On January 22, 2015, our annual Movement Day Greater Dallas conference was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in downtown Dallas, Texas with over 1,900 participants in attendance. Dr. Shelette Stewart, plenary session speaker, brought her own special qualities which combined so well to make this conference a memorable one. In addition to delivering a good message, Dr. Stewart challenged us to take action and be agents of change. As she addressed our best-attended conference to date, she taught us how to implement deep spiritual truths while using sound business principles. I remember her saying that we can be humble and powerful, young and wise, elderly and vibrant, blind and visionary when we dedicate the work to Christ. She was informative, interesting, and stimulating to all in attendance.”

Mr. Jon Edmonds
Executive Director
Movement Day Greater Dallas
January 2015

“Dr. Shelette Stewart is an anointed, amazing speaker, leader, and teacher. She exceeded expectations at Greater Dallas Movement Day sharing her experiences and expertise with the audience. Shelette is not only inspiring but so personable…what a gift to us all!”

Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew
National Director – World Vision
Emcee – Movement Day Greater Dallas
January 2015

“So proud to know Dr. Shelette Stewart. Beautiful lady inside and out! She has been a huge supporter of Plaid for Women and is speaking to women’s groups throughout the country. Her message is universal.”

Shivaun Palmer
Founder and President
Plaid for Women
July 2014

“Shelette, I want to thank you for taking your time to speak to the Dallas Uptown Rotary. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you give us your message on Aligning Your Wealth with Your Values.”

Bob Swartz
Programs Chair
The Rotary Club of Dallas – Uptown
April 2014

“Shelette – – On behalf of New Hope of China and Noah International, I am so grateful and appreciative for your participation in our inaugural Kunming Business Conference 2014. It was a great outreach event and our mission was a success. Your dedication, love and encouragement touched all including our attendees, our staff, and especially all of the brothers and sisters there. The sessions you conducted on Strategic Business Planning, Sales and Marketing, and Connecting Career and Calling were all informative and inspiring for our attendees. It was truly a blessed experience and we are very honored to have you serve on our team.”

Ken M. Tse, AIA
New Hope of China
March 2014

“Shelette – thank you for being amazing. And, thank you for always saying yes to the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF). We are still getting excellent feedback from our members on the outstanding sessions you conducted at our national conference this year on the topic of Strategic Career Pathing: Are You in Position by Design or Default?”

Anna Mason
General Manager – Operations
Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF)
March 2014

“Shelette, We Thank You for making the conference a rewarding experience. I know I am better off today than I was yesterday because of you. Thanks for your guidance and wisdom.”

Cheryl Parsons
Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF)Leader
March 2014

“I have heard nothing but great things about your session. I am so glad you were able to bring your knowledge and expertise to our emerging executives – thank you! We will see you at future WFF events!

Caroline Wolters
Coordinator – HR and Operations
Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF)
March 2014

“Shelette: Thank you so much for your time today! Awesome. Everyone stated they gained so much from your presentation and spoke of the value it added. I appreciate your support, your professionalism, and your expertise. Thank you for being a constant friend to the organization and I am so delighted you and I have become friends and comrades.”

Raquel Daniels
Chair – Executive Board
National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute (NAAWLI)
March 2014

“I want to encourage you to get a book like this (Revelations in Business). You’ve got to be anointed just as Dr. Stewart has told us.”

Dr. Marcus Lamb
Founder and President
Daystar Television Network
January 2014

“Dr. Stewart: Thank you for sharing your passion with the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Group. It’s a true blessing to meet someone with a Kingdom heart and mind! Onward!”

Tony Bridwell
Senior Vice President
Brinker International
January 2014

“On behalf of International Coach Federation (ICF) – North Texas, thank you for your informative and insightful keynote luncheon presentation on the topic of “Helping Your Clients Align their Wealth with their Values” and for your inspiring and empowering 2-hour workshop on “Helping Your Clients Connect their Profession with their Purpose.”

Jim Cooper
International Coach Federation (ICF) – North Texas
January 2014

“Your workshop evaluations were all 5 (the highest rating! All said you were great!”

Randy Fernandes, ACC, CPCC
Vice President of Programs
International Coach Federation (ICF) – North Texas
Professional Coach, Consultant, Speaker
January 2014

“You’re a delight to work with! WFF is honored to have you as our partner for educational content.
Your style of presentation, coupled with knowledge is what we appreciate about you.
Looking forward to the upcoming WFF events, featuring you in March.”

Natasha Harris
Director – Leadership Development – Events / Strategic Planning
Women’s Foodservice Forum
January 2014

“Shelette, thanks so much for being a recurring guest on Plaid for Women radio to talk about your book, Revelations in Business. Your message and information was spot-on, insightful, and proactive. You were a delight to interview and a pleasure to work with. I’m very much looking forward to our next opportunity to work together!”

Sarah Zink
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Plaid for Women, Inc.
January 2014

“Thank you Dr Shelette. I went thru the business plan. It was informative.”

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
Chancellor – Karunya University
Founder – SEESHA
Co-Founder – Jesus Calls International Ministries
October 2013

“Shelette, we are still talking about your presentation today on Recognizing the Signs of a Changing Vision and New Season! You don’t know how your book and your message resonated with us! I am honored that you spoke to us today!”

Tonette Crawford
City Leader – Grand Prairie
Paid for Women
August 2013

“Shelette, we had so many nice comments about your presentation and presence today. I thank you for your professionalism, your beautiful spirit, and your wonderful message on “Aligning Your Wealth with Your Values.”

Linda Bush
LaCima Leaders Network
July 2013

“Shelette – – we have had many positive comments from our Rotarians on your excellent presentation on the topic of “Aligning Your Wealth with Your Values.”

Mr. Larry Moser
Preston Center Rotary Club – Dallas
July 2013

“Shelette, thanks for engaging us with your inspiring presentation at our Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Leadership Breakfast Series on ‘Are You in Position by Default or Design.’ It was awesome!

Fritzi Woods
President and CEO
Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF)
June 2013

“Shelette, your keynote presentation at our Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Leadership Breakfast Series on ‘Are You in Position by Default or Design’ was outstanding. It is we who need to thank you! You were simply amazing.”

Anna Mason
Vice President and General Manager
Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF)
June 2013

“Thanks so much Shelette for your presentation today. It was not only inspirational but so practical! Everyone enjoyed meeting you!”
Dr. Judy Henneberger
Associate Chaplain
Southern Methodist University (SMU)
April 2013

“Shelette, it was generally agreed that you were the most dynamic, most captivating, the best communicator of all! Way to go! I was sitting by the entrance and when you started talking, I remember I had to stop doing whatever I was doing just to listen to you. YOU ARE GOOD!!! And did you know that your talk did not just touch the hearts of the Chinese students? Some American executives told me today that your talk really made them think about what they are doing. Passion, they are looking for their passion. And to me, it was a confirmation that I am doing what I am passionate about.”

Virginia Yip
Conference Organizer
Chinese Leadership Conference
Park Cities Presbyterian Church
April 2013

“Dr. Stewart conducted a workshop for our national 2013 Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) conference on ‘8 Steps for Successful Strategic Business Planning’ and we took good notes! I shared mine with my group of direct reports to help them in their planning efforts. Dr. Stewart showed us how planning can be powerful and we needed that!”

Tammy Smith
National Property Maintenance Manager
G6 Hospitality, LLC
Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) Leader
April 2013

” Shelette, thank you so much for your presentation this morning. You did a wonderful job and it is something we all needed to hear. From the reaction of those that I talked to after the class, they all seemed to enjoy it!”

Al Dietrich
Wesleyan Ministry Leader
Highland Park United Methodist Church
April 2013

“Dr. Stewart addressed the Plaid for Women Mansfield, Texas Networking Chapter. She spoke beautifully about aligning your passion and purpose in both your personal and professional life. The women who were present were unanimous in their assessment of her presentation. The feedback we received was that they felt refreshed, renewed and ready to conquer their fears in order to realize their dreams — and that Dr. Stewart had given them HOPE. Need I say more? There is nothing more powerful than that. We are all on this earth together. Let’s support one another, particularly as women. Dr. Stewart, thank you for an outstanding presentation. We look forward to a long, fruitful working relationship with you.”

Shivaun Palmer
CEO and Co-Founder, Plaid for Women
April 2013

“Powerful. Thought-provoking. Inspirational. Transformative. These are just some of the words aptly used to describe Shelette’s presentation at the 2013 NAAWLI, Inc. Leadership Program. Based solely on the presentation topic “Connecting Your Profession to Your Purpose”, the NAAWLI Fellows anticipated an informative session mixed with pointers useful in business. What they actually received equated to a masterclass in self-awareness. Shelette’s confident yet unassuming style encouraged dialogue among the class of thought-leaders. Her content stimulated minds intellectually and spiritually. And the context in which she framed her presentation prompted reflection, perspective and an immediate desire to take bold and definitive action. There is absolutely no doubt that, as a result of Shelette’s presentation, the NAAWLI, Inc. Class of 2013 is poised for positive change personally and professionally. The world should prepare for maximum impact!”

Kristy Brownlow
Executive Director
National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute (NAAWLI)
March 2013

“Dr. Shelette Stewart is an amazing speaker, coach and friend. NAAWLI, Inc. had the honor of having Dr. Stewart speak at the March session for the 2013 Fellowship Class. She challenged the Fellows to understand their talents and calling and align them with their career or profession. Her creative way of weaving in her experience made the revelations for the participants even more insightful. Many women who participated in her workshop walked away with life changing information, including me. I am grateful to know Dr. Stewart and I look forward to putting into practice some of the wisdom she has imparted to my life.”

Marla White
National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute (NAAWLI)
March 2013

“Dr. Stewart presented a powerful message to the North Dallas Rotary Club on the topic of “Revelations in Business: Aligning Your Wealth with Your Values.” Our members were given inspirational insights and practical tools that reinforced our creed of placing service before self. We thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and look forward to inviting her back to speak at future Rotary Club events.”

Bob Bare
North Dallas Rotary Club
March 2013

“Thank you for serving the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce with such generosity of spirit and wisdom as our keynote speaker for our Relationship Building Luncheon and Fellowship Friday events. I saw lots of light bulbs going off for members, especially in the more intimate setting of the Fellowship Friday. Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Kevin W. McCarthy
Board Chair
Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce
Author, The On-Purpose Person
February 2013

“The presentation that Shelette gave to our Career Connections group at University Park United Methodist Church on the topic of “Connecting Your Career with Your Calling” was informative and uplifting! After the session, many of our members purchased copies of her book, Revelations in Business. I am confident that the practical insights and tools she shared will empower and bless our members to achieve success and significance in life.”

Don Brock
Chairman of the Board
University Park United Methodist Church
January 2013

“Great job again today, Shelette! I got even more from it myself and likewise heard super feedback from the other attendees. Thank you for blessing so many with your gifts! We look forward to working together more as well.”

Dana Hyatt
December 2012

“Shelette, thank you for participating in our annual Texas Instruments Diversity Forum on Contemporary Issues. The valuable insights, strategies, and tips you shared helped us meet our goal of supporting our employees in their career planning endeavors.”

Terry Howard
Director – Diversity and Inclusion
Texas Instruments
November 2012

“Thank YOU Shelette! Our District Sales Managers loved your session on “Developing Your Personal Brand and Your Pearson Story.” The tools and insights you shared will help them in strengthening their partnerships with Pearson clients and in coaching their sales reps.”

Mary Francis Weatherly
District Manager
Pearson Higher Education
November 2012

“Thank you very much Shelette. I thought your session was fantastic!”

Lori Hales
Senior Vice President
Pearson Higher Education
November 2012

“You are amazing!! Thank you so much for coming to Highland Park Presbyterian Church (HPPC) and sharing your story and insights with us.”

Judy Martin
Program Director
Senior Adults and Friday Fellowship
Highland Park Presbyterian Church
October 2012

“You were fabulous! Thank you for an excellent keynote presentation on “Aligning Your Wealth with Your Values” for our Women and Investing Luncheon! We look forward to partnering with you and Stewart Consulting, LLC on future programs!”

Brenda Mahon, CLU, ChFC, AEP
The M Group / Trinity Portfolio Advisors, LLC
October 2012

“The NAAWLI Fellows really enjoyed your presentation today – – customized to our group which will undoubtedly impact them from a professional, community, and personal standpoint. Thank you again for sharing your time and talents as well as for providing unyielding support throughout the planning and execution of this year’s events. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Kristy Brownlow
Executive Director
National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute (NAAWLI)
September 2012

“Since U ARISE is a newly formed organization we were in need of a formalized business plan and a solid marketing collateral material. We could not be more pleased with the comprehensive strategic business plan that Shelette and her team developed for us as well as the informational marketing piece they provided. Both projects were managed with the highest degree of professionalism and both were completed on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Stewart Consulting, LLC to leading organizations in need of excellent strategic planning and marketing support services.”

Vicki Garza
Founder and President
August 2012

“Dr. Shelette Stewart conducted an insightful and inspiring workshop for our organization on the topic, YOU the Sequel: Recognizing the Signs of a Changing Vision and New Season. Participants consistently commented about how much they enjoyed the session and desired to hear more from Shelette. They found her presentation to be very informative and empowering. Several mentioned that they were motivated to make necessary changes in their personal lives and professional endeavors. We highly recommend Shelette as a keynote speaker for leading organizations intent on positively influencing and impacting society.”

Dr. Tracey Mitchell
Regional Director
Southwest / Dallas Connection
Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA)
September 2011

“Dr. K. Shelette Stewart is one of those rare individuals whose business acumen addresses a broad range of venues. Because her insights are captured in the form of principles and strategies, they can be customized to many challenging scenarios experienced by organizational leaders. The kernel of wisdom remains intact, but implementation adapts to the resources of organizations. Moreover, Dr. Stewart herself delivers these concepts with clarity, enthusiasm, and theological accuracy. Thus, she motivates as she equips. No dry scholarship from Dr. Stewart. On the contrary, lively interaction, stimulation to innovate and “let’s get it done” mentality pervade the style and atmosphere of her persona.”

Dr. Linden D. McLaughlin
Christian Education Department
Dallas Theological Seminary
June 2011

“I knew the first time I met Shelette Stewart she was different and very special. That is why I introduced her to the staff of Georgetown College and encouraged them to find a way to incorporate her gifts and talents into our efforts. I was delighted that a cross section of our team saw her skill set and worked together to invite her for several days. I was not the least surprised as I began to hear rumblings that she was taking our campus by storm. Students, staff and faculty sought to be with her. They listened to her experiences, they learned from her knowledge, they were lifted up and they were inspired by her inspirational testimony. She is a living example that corporate professionalism and a commitment to a deep faith can not only exist side by side but the combination of the two create a dynamic that can help any individual rise to new levels of results personally, spiritually and professionally!”

Dr. William H. Crouch, Jr.
Georgetown College
April 2011

“We were greatly impressed with the excellent quality of the programs that Dr. Shelette Stewart delivered to our campus April 12-13, 2011! Dr. Stewart hit the nail right on the head, directly and perceptively, with her program content offering personal and customized seminars to our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

In addition to keeping our attention, the series provided unforgettable principles, strategies and tangible take aways” for each audience, so that individuals attending expressed, “It seemed as if Dr. Stewart was speaking just to me! Her effort and energy for the work she does is apparent long before the actual presentations as Dr. Stewart had excellent preparation, follow-up and contact throughout the planning process for our multiple events.

Her dedication to her work is exemplary, and she walks the talk for taking business to the Highest level, and hers is the standard to which we all should aspire. We thank Dr. Shelette Stewart for the lasting impact, and blessing, she had on the campus community of Georgetown College and look forward to the opportunity to continue this relationship for a long time!”

Robin Salyer Fleischer
Ms.Ed., National Certified Counselor
Director – Graves Center of Calling and Career
Georgetown College
April 2011

“Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt comfortable with them immediately? From the first conversation on the phone to Dr. Stewart’s visit, I felt as though this was a person I had known for many years. Dr. Stewart was a joy to work with and a joy to have on our campus. She is a wonderful communicator who considers the make-up of her audience and forms her sessions appropriately. The content of her sessions are rich with a biblically based approach to vocation and calling, along with sharing from her own experiences. Faculty, staff and students on our campus appreciated not only what Dr. Stewart said, but also what drives her motivation as a consultant, which is a love of God and a love for people.”

H.K. Kingkade II
Director, Office of Religious Life
Georgetown College
April 2011

“Dr. Shelette Stewart is an insightful and interesting thinker. As an invited speaker to my management class at the University of Texas at Dallas, she engaged my class in a way no other speaker has managed to do. Shelette’s intellect linked with her organizational expertise and faith are a powerful combination.”

Dr. JoyLynn Hailey Reed
Senior Lecturer, School of Management
University of Texas at Dallas
April 2011

“Dr. Shelette Stewart conducted a breakout session at our e3 Partners / I AM SECOND International Staff Conference on How to Develop and Execute a Solid Communications Strategy and Business Plan. It was well presented and offered valuable points regarding the subject.”

Claudia Adame
Managing Director of Field Ministries
e3 Partners Ministry
March 2011

“There is no higher plan for our life than God’s plan. And that should apply to
our business plan. Shelette Stewart provides dynamic yet practical guidance to
business and professional people to find the real purpose for their life’s work. If
you are looking to define true success for your life as God would have it, or even
move beyond success to significance, you can find the answers with Shelette’s
clear Biblical approach. We recommend her to anyone desiring to effectively
represent Christ in their marketplace, and live for Him as they do, achieving the
highest purpose for their life!”

Curtis Hail
President / CEO
November 2010

“Shelette is an outstanding and gifted speaker. Her insights and enthusiasm, along
with her informative and inspiring presentation, propelled our conference to the
next level of success and empowered all who were in attendance. Our entire
organization was tremendously blessed! If you are looking for a powerful speaker
with anointed content, then look no further than Shelette.”

Donna Skell
Executive Director
Roaring Lambs Ministries
November 2010

“Shelette Stewart is one of the most professional gifted speakers and writers in the industry. It has been an honor and privilege to have Ms. Stewart as a writer for my magazine. L, The Leslie Magazine readers have all agreed that Ms. Stewart’s writing style is compelling and empowering. Her articles always leave you wanting more out of life and knowing that you can achieve anything if you keep Christ first. She’s truly a blessing from God and she will definitely be a blessing to any organization looking to receive a return on their investment. The return is: learning how Christ can make a difference in your company and in the lives of your staff and their families.”

Leslie O’Hare
Television Host
Publisher of L, The Leslie Magazine
President of Leslie O’Hare Media, LLC
January 2011

“The insights I have gained by communicating with Dr. Shelette Stewart have led to revelations in how I now see my company growing. Dr. Stewart has candid explanations that will help you strengthen business planning.

Gibron T. Williams
Head Honcho
Oevae Marketing Consultants
August 2010