We don’t have a personal life and a professional life; we have ONE life and we have to make that life count!

Dr. K. Shelette Stewart is an award-winning author, business consultant, and international speaker who is committed to empowering  others to make their lives count so that they achieve not only success, but more importantly, significance.

Shelette’s platform is centered on the philosophy of Business with Purpose and firmly entrenched in the insights she shares in her award-winning book, Revelations in Business.

Shelette’s goal is to equip individuals and organizations to take business to a higher level of excellence.  She facilitates this by traveling the world speaking for Fortune 500 companies, and other leading organizations, on purpose-driven leadership topics and by developing comprehensive strategic business plans for companies and non-profits through her firm, Stewart Consulting, LLC. 

This is the home site for Dr. K. Shelette Stewart and Stewart Consulting, LLC.   Welcome to Business with Purpose!